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Mar 21, 2011 12:30am EDT
. it will air one hour later in usual due to the time difference between the u.s. and britain. you can see it 8:00 eastern live on c-span 2. next, rode to the white house. then a discussion on what is ahead for congress and the president. and then the former new hampshire senator and governor. monday night, a white house summit on bling featuring a report from president obama and -- who speaks on his own experiences. >> we remember what it is like to see kids picked on. i have to say with my baby years and the name that i have, i was not immune. but because it is something that happens a lot, it is something that has been around, sometimes we turn a blind eye to the problem. >> watch it monday night on 10:00 eastern on c-span 3. today on a road to the white house, c-span interviewed radio talk-show host herman cain on why he is likely to enter the gop race. this is about 45 minutes. about 45 minutes. >> why are you thinking about running for president? >> i am thinking about running for president for several reasons. reasons. my parents were able to achieve their dreams. they wanted to own a ho
Mar 13, 2011 6:30pm EDT
] in fact, the federal reserve is now the largest holder of u.s. treasury. and consider china owns almost $1 trillion worth of u.s. treasury. and the president of china, as you know, is named president hu. president hu. so it could rightly be said, "hu 's your daddy." but now i think you could say ben bernanke is our daddy as the head of the federal reserve. now, let me give you another figure. $107 trillion. that's the estimate of the unfunded federal net liabilities for social security and medicare. look at all those zeros. this is reality. this is why we have to take on 65% of the federal budget. remember our current budget this year, we're no lean, mean machine in washington, we are $3.8 trillion in a budget. 65% of that are entitlement programs -- social security, medicare, medicaid. 107. i think that's written up there wrong. it should be $10 trillion. that number is wrong. it is 107 trillion. that is the estimated unfunded liability of social security. and remember, this year is the second year in a row that social security has been sending mower money out in checks than what it's ta
Mar 13, 2011 9:30pm EDT
to discuss the future of the public transit system. that is live at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. u.s. representative michelle backman traveled to new hampshire this weekend to speak at a fund raising brunch hosted by the state's republican party. this was her first political trip to the state this year which hosts the first of the nation presidential primary. in her remarks she criticizes the new health care law and the obama administration's economic policies. she says she will decide by early summer whether to pursue the 2012 presidential nomination. this is just over 40 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. >> you lovers of liberty unite. three of our five biological children are here today. our brother, his wife, our three nieces and nephews. we thank you for the warm welcome you have extended to our family. we feel we are one of you today. thank you. thank you for welcoming us. [applause] >> we talked a lot already this morning about your great state model, live free or die, and it causes me to think about the motto of the state of west virginia -- "death to tyrants." you get this,
Mar 28, 2011 12:30am EDT
's wrong. the states, on the other hand, under the u.s. constitution has the right to do it. the state constitution may not allow them, but the federal constitution does. he had the right to do it. it was nothe right thing to do. and, you know, individual mandates and a prescripping -- predescriptive top down is how it is going to run. what you are going to see is the prograis not working well. people joining in the ranks of the inshured are doing so through the medicaid iurance. private sector insurance is, as you saw, governor patrick try to put a cap in fact, freeze any kind of premium increases. they are driving up costs and say to the insurance companies well, you can't cause charge anymore p this is a heavy prescrtive idea that people can't work this out, that government can't do it and it is not the right approach to take. >> will it be an issue in the republican primary. >> i believe as you have heard that obama care is the -- it is not just health care. it is not just the size and scope of government, it also has a huge impact on our economy.
Mar 6, 2011 6:30pm EST
or failure of the program. we should remain mindful that the overall contribution of the rest to the u.s. economy was relatively modest, when considered with the hundred dollar -- million -- multimillion hundred dollar bailout of fannie mae and freddie mac. the trillion dollar intervention of the federal reserve and fdic, as well as the impeccable experts. it is particularly difficult to label t.a.r.p. or any other government-bonds a program aimed at an unqualified success when the unemployment rate hovers around 9%, the combined unemployment and underemployment rate equals 16%, and millions of american families are struggling to escape foreclosure. it is of cold comfort to these families that the too big to fail financial institutions aided by the t.a.r.p. and other generous below market rate government bonds of programs are reporting a near-record earnings. to this day, t.a.r.p. carries a substantial stigma with the residents of main street should come with little surprise. the professor and i noted in our views in september's oversight report that the payments to t.a.r.p. recipients a
Mar 6, 2011 9:30pm EST
the u.s. economy was relatively modest when considered along with the multi-hundred billion dollar bailout of fannie mae and freddie mac. if it is particularly difficult to labor the tar or any other government-sponsored program aimed at financial stability and unqualified success when the unemployment rate hovers around 9%, the combined unemployment and other unemployment rate = 60% and millions of american families are struggling to escape foreclosure. it is of cold comfort to these families that be too big to fail financial institutions aided by the tar and other generous below-market rate government- sponsored programs are recording near-record earnings. to this day, the tarp carries a substantial stigma with a the residents of main street and it should come as little surprise. we noted in our oversight report that to the repayment of the tarp recipients is a misleading measure of the effectiveness of the program and should not serve as the standard by which the tarp is judged. the unlimited bailout of fannie mae and freddie mac buy treasury and the purchase of 1.1 and $25 tril
Mar 20, 2011 6:30pm EDT
for capital and money. yet because of our mistake in tax code we have a trillion dollars of u.s. money stranded overseas belonging to our mult-nation corporations that's sitting. and it's either going to sit there or it's going to be invested information remember economies like europe, asia and south america. we need to repay try it that trillion dollars. we need to bring this money home. brig it home tax free. that money is not coming home. we need that money to come home to build new facilities. and to invest in new tech nothinnot technologies and to hire more people in america and not overseas. that kind of tax policy is the tax policy we need to follow. at the same time, i think it's way over due that we join most of the other advanced nations in the world, our competitors by cutting corporate income tax. in half. as almost every other country has done in the last 10-years. on tax policy, where the left wants to raise taxes, i think we need to make those tax cuts. why? because we want to grow the economy. we want to add jobs for americans. this is not satisfactory that we're not do
Mar 14, 2011 12:30am EDT
-the security adviser is a point of contact. such as the u.s. system of the government that has a national security adviser to the president. the french government has a specific adviser on foreign security to the president. it provides a counterpart for those countries. >> how has the nic improved crisis management? >> it gives us the opportunity to have information from the services in real time. as we go through what has been happening in north africa, it has enabled us to cross reference. i think it has enabled us to have l.a. --a in more than one department. it is extremely useful to have somebody we can talk to a commission if we require. for example, if there is a specific issue, that has been -- i also debate it puts education in government that can be expensive. >> last question. how has crisis management, are you looking at what prices management has done -- crisis management has done and ways to change or improve it? >> i think that is how it was originally conceived. it's first and overriding task is strategic. it is important to have that distinction between the large a scale
Mar 20, 2011 9:30pm EDT
that is actually flattened. next slide. in addition to the b-2 strikes and attacks to the forces of gadhafi. 15 u.s. marine forces participated in this attack and as well as france. and full battle reports from the strikes are still coming in but we judge them to be successful from the ground movement in this region. the highlighted box are still shots from the weapon system video. we believe that gadhafi's forces are suffering from isolation and confusion. next slide please, you can see here a basic lay-down of how we see the battle space today with regimes with less maneuver with forces. and we have the capability of controlling the air space over libya, and as was reported this morning, the no-flight zone is in place. let me conclude what i said yesterday, this is an international effort and since i spoke to you last, we are joined by forces from spain, belgium and gutter. we do not know when we are ready to do that and don't know what that structure will beilook lik and working hard to define it. and maintaining for partners to implement the no-fly zone. with that, i will happy to take your que
Mar 7, 2011 12:30am EST
government is charging for these leases, and when they are ranked, u.s. government's ranked against other countries and even some states we rank below what we are asking for the regular sis fo the return of the release for the land. interiors finally agreed to the comprehensive assessment. it's supposed to be completed this year. i would encourage the congress to review that study and make sure that there are proper incentives. we've also said, mr. cummings, that there's not enough verification of production that is occurrin on the land is in order to make sure the government is getting its fair return. as bernanke put this on your hi list risk is that right? why was that? >> we believe there wasn't reasonable assurance that the federal government was getting the revenue that they were due as a result of the leases for two of the reasons i mentioned before. >> in other words they were bng cheated? >> i think that it's not clear we have reasonable assurance. we are getting everything we should -- >> but the fact is it's money that is due to the american people on our land and we are not ge
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10